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Painting cabinets takes a lot of specialized tools and skilled preparation if you expect to paint to adhere properly and have a smooth professional finish.

Let our team of professional painters make it look easy.

Remove Cabinet Doors & Drawers

These will be cleaned, prepped, primed & painted back at the shop where we have a paint booth, lots of light & lots of room.

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Clean The Cabinet Boxes

Before we start we like to use a TSP substitute and a scotchbrite pad to clean and degloss the boxes. Even the best primer doesn’t stick to grease. We go through this same process with the doors back at our shop.

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Mask the Cabinets

Before priming of painting we cover the floors with paper and drop plastic over any cabinets that are not getting painted. We're going to be using a sprayer to give a perfectly smooth surface.

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Apply Primer

Even if your cabinets have been painted before, we recommend priming. Lots of painters like to skip this step to lower the price but we feel that it’s not worth risking paint adhesion problems in the future. We also like priming because the primers we use sand nicely and improve the finish.

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Spray two top coats

This waterborne product dries very hard but is difficult to chip. We feel it’s exactly what you would want to protect your kitchen cabinets. It dries quickly and isn’t as stinky as a conversion varnish. We often lightly sand between coats to clean up minor imperfections.

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Reinstall the Cabinets Doors

We clean up the kitchen and come back in a couple days to reinstall l the cabinet doors

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