Painting the exterior of you house takes more than just a sprayer and tall ladders.

Our average exterior paint job takes a team of professional painters more than 70 hours of physically demanding work to complete.

Pressure Wash

The first step to a exceptional paint job is to pressure wash the house. Our painters are careful to gently remove loose paint while rinsing off all the insects and dirt.

Scrape & Prime

The second step is to hand scrape loose and flaking paint and applying a coat of primer. This seals the bare wood and provides better adhesion than just applying paint.

Mask & Caulk

The third step is to caulk any defective caulking. We often mask the house in preparation of spraying at the same time. During this stage plants and roofs are protected.

Spray & Backroll

Now that the prep is done it's time to actually spray and backroll the house. Backrolling pushes paint into all the tiny little splits in the old paint that developed after years of weathering.

Paint Trim

Painting of the trim as all done by hand with small rollers and brushes.

Paint Doors

Often basic white exterior doors have never been painted and you can see the plastic trim pieces around the window yellowing.