Did you know that painting the inside of your home is about twice as much labor as painting the exterior?

Let our team of professionals give you a great painting experience instead of spending your time painting.

Cover & Protect Furniture, Floors

Before painting we cover the floors with drops or paper and cover the furniture with plastic.

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Spackle, Patch & Prep the Drywall

We use hot mud spackle to patch the holes in the walls then texture them to match your other walls.

Our awesome features
Spray the Ceilings

Although it seems counterintuitive but spraying the ceilings actually makes less of a mess than just rolling. The fine dust that it leaves cleans up easily.

Our awesome features
Clean, Caulk, spackle & Prep Millwork

We clean your millwork with TSP Substitute to remove contaminants that may cause adhesion problems down the line then caulk the cracks and spackle to nail holes with wood putty.

Our awesome features
Prime & Paint the millwork

This is the part of the job the lead guy on your project has been waiting for. He gets to test his skills as a spray guy or his skill as a wet sanding guy.

Our awesome features
Cut & Roll the Walls

Now it’s time for some good old fashion cutting and rolling to make your walls look beautiful.

Our awesome features